Tabatabaeemansion of Kashan

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Welcome to Kashan, the Pearl of Desert. One of the most beautiful cities of Iran in central desert is, Kashan that is also known as the pearl of desert. The history of this city dates back to 9000 years ago that people lived in Sialk City and even the name of the city comes from this area that today is called Tape Sialk. As the main occupation of people in this town was Tile working, hence city was named Kashian and later on it becomes easier to call and changed to Kashan.

Boroujerdi mansion of Kashan
Boroujerdi Mansion of Kashan

Kashan is located in central desert of Iran and from west side is faced to Karkas Mountain and from east is facing to desert. This makes traveling to Kashan very interesting in terms of having a pleasant weather in winter and very warm in summer. People of Kashan, also known as Kashi were very talented in designing beautiful architecture, cisterns and wind catchers in their own type of architecture which is named “Godal Baghche”.

Nowadays all travelers would like to visit everywhere in Kashan such as historical mansions that date back to 19th , Fin garden which is one of the Iran’s world Heritage sites, Traditional Bazaar which is very interesting to meet locals how they shop from this covered market. There are also lots of beautiful buildings inside the bazaar such as Cisterns, Mosques, Hammams and Caravansaries that make the walking through bazaar very memorable.

In this bazaar, what people look for is, typical sweets of Kashan such as Baqlava that has a lot of nuts and saffron, local creamy pastry etc. Apart from these, here is one of the industrial cities of Iran in terms of providing Silk Carpet and Rose water. Making Rose water is one of the most attractive and big events of Kashan that brings everyone from all over the world to see how locals take out petals of rose flower and make such a liquid that they strongly believe all types of drinks and syrups have a medical significant.

Weaving carpet is one of traditional jobs of Kashan that people were mostly trading this in different markets and it has always been one of the premium quality of rugs and carpets. There are some more extra activities around here that we can offer you to do either of them in day trips such as Abiyaneh village, Maranjab desert, Niasar town and Matin Abad resort.