B2B & Fam Trip

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Welcome to Iran. Are you a professional & active in tourism industry? Then, B2B & Fam trip page suits you for traveling to Iran. Yearly we will endeavor inviting all travel agents, tour guides, tour leaders, influencers, travel agencies or generally those who are working in hospitality business across the globe in order to familiarization them to Iran and collaborate together for inbound tours. As traveling to Iran is mostly splitted into 2 seasons of Autumn and Spring, we will run Iran Fam Trip in Mid- Nov 2022. 

In this journey we are struggling to cover as much as possible such as visiting historical & world heritage sites, visiting beautiful landscapes (particularly for those who wish to run trekking tours), joining daily events in every city, cooking classes, etc. Our program is for a week and enables you visiting major touristy cities of Iran such as Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Kashan as well as Tehran

What you will gain from this journey is having a certificate of attendance from our company and Iran’s Cultural & Heritage organization. Previously we did this job with several European Companies before pandemic and very much liked the way of collaboration. How we run this journey is, asking everyone who are willing to attend to book their flight tickets to/from Iran and here we will cover the tour program including daily tour, private transport, accommodations, visa assistance, entrance fees, etc. 

As we need to provide all travel services properly, please kindly contact us by either filling the form below or emailing our agents to make reservations for your journey.

B2B & Iran Fam Trip