Who We Are?

Our Mission

Persia Traveling Center promotes tours in different categories for those who travel to Iran and are interested in knowing more about people and culture, exploring new places and developing tourism and its benefits to locals and lead them to grow their own products and enhance the quality of lifestyle of all Iranians.

Mehdi Gharib, CEO of Persia Traveling Center

Please Kindly Contact Our Adviors for providing better your trips

Rasooul Ahmadi, French tour manager,
Mahboobeh Gholami, Spanish Tour Advisor
Marziyeh Shahi Savandi, English Tour Advisor
Roshana Sadeghi Nour, German tour manager
Rasoul Ahmadi
French Tours
Mahboobeh Gholami
Spanish Tours
Marziyeh Shahi
English Private Tours
Roshana Sadeghi
German Tours
Atefe Moosavi, Arabic Tour Manager
Nima, Domestic Tours
Katyoon Salehi- English Tour Manager
Mahboubeh ranjbar, english tour manager
Atefe Moosavi
Arabic Tours
Nima Tahayori
Domestic Tours
Katayoon Salehi
English Group Tours
Mahboubeh Ranjbar
English Tour Advisor

Extraordinary Experiences

Currently tourism is getting slightly active in all around the world but previously, we were experts in providing both cultural and active tours for our travelers inside Iran such as cycling tours, Hiking tours, Desert Trekking Tours, Etc. Our big wide range market depicts most of our clients are from Italy, Belgium, France, Denmark, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Mexico.

Our Core Values

Nowadays tourism makes lots of interests for locals and plays an important role in economy to make jobs opportunities directly and indirectly. Due to globalization, the world has become much smaller and friendlier which gives us chance to access the valuable information from all over the world. Here we are focusing to provide jobs for local by bringing tourism in particular spots. There is also a possibility for those who are interested in working with us inside Iran or outside to apply for jobs in marketing or hospitality and tourism management