Where to visit in Iran for first trip

nasir-ol-molk mosque of Shiraz, where to visit in iran for first trip,

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It’s always interesting where to see in any particular country and people will start browsing on internet to find out correct information and will follow the plan. Here we will endeavor to well introduce to you where to visit in Iran for first trip as this will help you plan better, go better.

Currently tourism has been started over after a long pause for pandemic. Everyone is choosing where to visit in either family visit or business trips. As usual many people prefer visiting Iran for their holidays with family and friends or either for business purposes. Currently people start browsing on internet and will be exposed to several websites and travel agents who sell almost the same programs, but how to manage this and which is going to be right.

Relatively recently, travelers from all over the world prefer to visit Iran anytime around the year and for this purpose they will come to visit major touristy cities such as Shiraz, Tehran, Esfahan and Yazd. visiting these cities may take approximately 8 to 10 days as there are a lot to do in each but many people prefer to stay longer in Shiraz and Esfahan.

In regards with landing/departure;
Imam Khomeini airport (IKA) is the international one in Tehran as there are several flights every day that go through or departs from here and this will help to plan better for arrival and departure with reasonable quotes. However, there is a possibility of landing in Tehran and finishing the tour in Shiraz in an Open-Jaw tour format. This is highly recommended if you fly through Qatar airways or Emirates airlines as there are very close to Iran and accessible with ease.

How to start:
Well, this is quite personal how to start the trip and when because it very much depends on arrival time and how people can adopt themselves with being jet-lagged and rest enough. As long as we know this can’t be done by resting over one night to cope with the situation but it has to be alright in few days. This is the reason we suggest everyone who come to visit Iran to start from Tehran and stay few days there and then start their journey toward south as there are not long drives from A to B.

Usually people prefer to stay in Tehran for 1 or 2 days and visit some of the highlight of the city such as Golestan & Sa’ad Abad Palaces as well as Niavaran. Even there are several museums in city center that are all quite amazing and will tell you Iran’s history.

Niavaran Complex of Tehran
Saheb Qaraniyeh Palace, Persia Traveling Center

Next stop:
Many people are looking for visiting the combination of historical sites as well as beautiful landscapes. This is why we highly suggest everyone overland visit that enables you visiting everything with in sufficient time. Some people prefer visiting kashan on the way of Tehran to Esfahan. It’s known as the Pearl of desert. There are several historical mansions as well as Fin garden to visit. In another way, there are some people who prefer to stay overnight in one of those purely renovated mansions and work as a boutique hotel.

Ameri ha hotel of Kashan, where to visit iran for first trip,
Courtyard View of Aameri ha hotel

This is quite amazing, almost everyone loves Esfahan (locally called Isfahan) as in farsi slang it’s called Nesfe Jahan which is translated into Half of the world from beauty point of view. There are a lot of activities to do in esfahan in which people can attempt such as visiting Naqsh-e Jahan SQ (a world heritage site that contains several shops and markets as well as historical monuments), Chehel sotoon palace, Hashat behesht Palace as well as Armenian quarter with several cathedrals and churches. Visiting Esfahan will also help you interacting with locals if you come to visit the SQ in the Early evening. Usually locals will invite foreign tourists to join then for tea or coffee or even for meals. Usually people would like to visit and stay here for 3 days. However, this can be done shorter.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Esfahan, where to visit Iran for first trip,
Impressive royal mosque

The city of poetry and gardening. visiting Shiraz is a must in every plan you choose to visit Iran as its Hafez will call you to come over and visit Shiraz as it’s the highlight of middle east. Historical sites variation bring the attention of everyone who are willing to visit this city. Many people are in love visiting Persepolis and Pasargadae as they read in their history books over the years.

Persepolis of Shiraz, where to visit in Iran for first trip,
Night in Persepolis

Shiraz gardens are always beautiful and attractive. Especially Eram garden, Afif Abad as well as Delgosha garden are the ancient ones and many people are very much interested in visiting them. Tomb of Hafez and Sa’adi are the highlights for those who love poetry and gardening. Their tombs are very well designed with tiles and bricks that contains lyrics of these poets.

Naranjestan Garden of Shiraz
#Iran Cultural Tour

Shiraz also was the capital of zand dynasty and there are several monuments from this period to visit such as fortress, vakil mosque and bazaar. Its pink mosque locally called Masjed Nasir is one of the highlight of shiraz and a “must see”. People will line up for visiting this mosque everyday from 7 am. Usually people prefer to stay in shiraz and visit it in three days. 

Eram garden of Shiraz, Shiraz Garden tour,

is one those cities that is always open for any recommendations in order to improve the quality of services. Here is a exceptional city for travelers as its old district has been registered as a world heritage site.
Usually people would like to visit it in 2 days as this city has resided Iranian Zoroastrians in itself and allowed them to practice their religion aside from others. This is quite interesting to visit their historical monuments such as towers of silence, fire temple as well as zoorkhane.

Fire temple of yazd
Courtyard view of Fire temple

Let’s hope this article give you an image where to visit in Iran for first trip. You are always welcome for further information and let us know whether you’ve been already here or are planning to visit soon