7 Thing to do in shiraz

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Traveling to any particular destination makes everyone feel blessed, by doing several types of activities that may vary from any person to one another. Currently, traveling is expanding a lot and everyday new items will come up that are quite exquisite for travelers. This is why we are struggling to introduce 7 things to do in Shiraz while you stay for at least 3 days.

No.1 visiting Nasir-ol-molk mosque that is also known as pink house where it’s been a holy place and built in 19th century. Its pinkish tiles work are extremely beautiful and makes everyone amazed. We would highly recommend going to this mosque in the morning from 8 to 10:30 that reflections of sunshine through it sashes is amazingly beautiful.

Nasir-ol-molk Mosque of Shiraz, Pink Mosque,

No. 2, Persepolis
Visiting the impressive Persepolis is always wonderful that is constructed back in 517 BCE. It’s been remained from many natural agents over the centuries or even invasions of warriors from east to west. It’s carvings in the on walls or stairs are absolutely remarkable. We would highly suggest going there in the morning during the week to have sufficient time to explore this spot on your own too.

Persepolis of Shiraz, Tombs

No. 3, Maali Abad Ave
It’s always quite interesting to know how people live in any particular destination beside visiting historical sites or extraordinary landscapes. Going to down town area or even upscale side of the city makes a huge impact on travelers to find out how people live, shop, and do daily life.

We would highly recommend visiting and walking randomly Maali Abad Ave in west of the city particularly in the evening as  this is upscale side of the city with several possibilities to do. There are lots of shops, markets, brands, malls, cafes and restaurants.

No. 4, Ice Cream & Faloudeh
Trying local sweets and pastries are always nice, especially when you are exposed to a huge line up such as locals you fee you are a local too. We would highly recommend going to Arg-e Karim khani where and try local ice cream and Saffron Faloudeh that are very delicious.

No. 5, Walking along Qasrodasht Ave.
Trying local sweets of Kamran pastries shop. It’s always a decent feeling to meet old markets of every single City such as where people provide sweets and pastries. We would highly recommend going to Qasrodasht ave, and have a nice walk along the Kamran pastry shop. You can simply line up such as locals and order pastries among its delicious ones as much as you want while you are there.  

No. 6, Hyqer Canyon
Taking a day trip to Hyqer canyon as it’s the largest one in Iran. It will be nice to visit this marvelous canyon and have a trek down in the valley for a little while and enjoy the atmosphere. Of course there is a shirt city tour of firuzabad to visit world heritage sites.

No. 7, Eram SQ
Taking mid night barbequed corn right at the edge of eram garden is another top activities to do in Shiraz that lots of locals prefer do it slsmot every night. Its SO delicious because of adding butter and spicy to it and many people just like up for that especially younger people gather at this location and order this wonderful item and enjoy chatting together.

Let’s hope you all like 7 things to do in Shiraz article ☺️. If you’ve been already in Shiraz, kindly letu know where your favorite place was?