Iran visa

Almost everyone needs Iran’s Visa for visiting Iran in any season, especially Americans, Canadians, Irish and English passport holders. Iranian government has made visa process a lot easier after this pandemic by ordering travel agencies to provide all information about taking health protocols.

Basically, everyone can visit Iran for tourism purpose and can stay up to 1 month. At some point, this visa can be extended for 2 more months by referring to Visa Extensions Center around the country just few days prior expiry date. A travel agency apply for authorization code as soon as travelers meet all required documents such as a valid passport, ID photo (has to be different in comparison with the one used in passport), filled visa form, two ways confirmed flight ticket to/from Iran in addition to signed invoice.

Usually Iran’s visa process takes 10 working days for most of travelers and 30 working days for those four nationalities to provide this code and travel agency has to share this code with traveler(s) as soon as it is received. This code will be sent to the embassy/consulate that is chosen by traveler and they can simply refer this property and collect their visa. Approval may take few days.

Another point we can make is, based on Iran’s political regulation Americans, Canadians, Irish and English people are not allowed to travel with their own and they have to sign up in a guided tour as well in advance through a local travel agency. They also are not allowed to obtain visa upon arrival and everything must be sorted out in advance.

It’s well noted that the only available Iranian embassy/consulate for Americans and Canadians is, Pakistani embassy of Washington as they can refer to and obtain visa which is valid only for tour’s duration. Approval may take few days. There is a possibility of mailing service for those who are non-residence of Washington DC.  

Extending visa is almost impossible for these four nationalities unless return ticket is changed or airline announces it will be delayed or cancelled. Then to prove this in few days before departure, traveler(s) has to refer to visa department office in either of major cities to extend visa by having either printed email from airline or new flight ticket in addition to receipt of extension fee.

Who can’t get Iran VOA?
Sadly, if you’re from the following countries, there’s no VOA for you:

  • The United States
  • Britain
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Bangladesh
  • Jordan
  • India
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia

This means you’ll need to arrange your visa in person at an Iranian embassy or consulate outside Iran.

These visas are the same as the visa on arrival, except they require a letter of invitation (LOI) from an Iranian tour company.  We won’t go through that process here, but Lost With Purpose have a great post on how they got their Iranian visa in Holland.