How is the Covid-19 Situation in Iran?

Covid-19 has very well controlled in Iran after having troubles in early 2021. Iranian government has run a decent plan for vaccinating its inhabitant from early May 2021 till Dec. Most of the population have got 2 shots of vaccines and some already has got the 3rd one.

Do Americans Need Visa?

Yes, They all need to have visa and must apply 3 months prior tour gets started.

How are the hotels in Iran?

We simply offer boutique hotels in every city of Iran as they are very well converted into a comfortable hotels.

How is the payment Method?

Due to financial sanctions to Iranian banks, we kindly ask our clients to provide us tour’s bill in cash and pay this to our agent upon arrival and get a receipt from us right away. Of course, there is a possibility of paying to our banks accounts in Baku and Hong Kong.

Can we tailor made our program?

We sure, please kindly contact to the agent that you want to book through with and finalize your tailor made tour with us.

Where are we based?

Our head quarter office is in Shiraz, Iran. However, you can simply refer to other branches in Baku & Hong Kong.

How is the dress code in Iran?

According to Iranian’s regulation, everybody should be covered from the head off to feet. Please kindly refer to the page where we explained more about different types of dress code.

Keep in touch with home

There is a possibility of using local sim cards for contacting home. However, at any hotels, you can simply connect to WIFI and do your own activities.

Can You Visit Iran After Travelling To Israel?

If you are holding an Israeli passport, or even having an evidence of traveling to Israel in your passport and willing to travel to Iran, we would say, it’s impossible.

Can You Visit The US After You Travel To Iran?

Yes You can simply visit US after travel to Iran by holding stamp in your passport with ease, but you won’t be eligible for the US visa waiver program