Iran has always been a fascinating country for travelers in terms of being exposed to several types of activities in different seasons. Relatively recently, hotels are playing an important role in travel and leisure industry and are not functioning Just as an accommodation. This is the reason there are several types of boutique hotels are raised up with different standards to make the trip of all travelers very comfortable. In this article, we are struggling to introduce 11 best places to stay in while you travel to Iran that are hosting everyone across the globe in different seasons. This article may help you plan better to travel to Iran for any season.

No. 1 Aameri ha Mansions
This is exactly where you want to end a long day of mansions hoping and souk shopping in Iran. An architectural treasure in itself, The Aameri Boutique hotel of Kashan is a 5* hotel with having several types of rooms, restaurants, Spa for its travelers. its quality of service, cleanliness, Persian breakfast are the main reasons to stay in such a property despite having well trained staff that are very hospitable and being centrally located.

Courtyard view

No. 2 Espinas Khalij hotel
Looking for having a comfortable stay in center of Tehran? Why not Espians Khalij that is a 5* hotel with several restaurants, different types of rooms, fabulous view of city and as it is centrally located, enables you going to Laleh pak, Contemporary Art Museum, Espionage of USA with ease.  

Espinas hotel of Tehran, Best Place to stay in Iran,

No. 3 Keriyas hotel of Esfahan
Staying in major touristy cities of Iran is a bit different and very much depends on traveler’s tastes and references. We would highly recommend to those who are willing to visit Esfahan to stay in Keriyas hotel that are right behind the main Sq. It enables you visiting the marvelous view of Impressive Royal Mosque.

Night in Keriyas Hotel

No. 4 Dad hotel of Yazd
what can be better than staying in a remarkable property in center of the town while we stay in a particular city? Dad hotel of yazd, is very popular for its architecture that is the combination of old mansions and caravansary. It has several types of rooms, different restaurants, well trained staff, and nice Persian breakfast. We would highly recommend staying in this hotel and as it has a roof top café in evening that enables everyone visiting marvelous view of the old district while you order Yazdi coffee.

dad hotel of yazd

No. 5 Kapari hotel or Qale Ganj
Sometimes travelers prefer to be in the heart of nowhere and being out of the city is necessary for then. We would highly recommend staying kapari hotel of Qale Ganj in Kerman province while you are heading toward southern Iran. It’s a unique experience to stay in these little huts that are designed such as a 4* hotels.

No. 6 Laleh hotel of kandovan
people always are seeking for trying something new especially when they travel to any fabulous destination. Laleh hotel of Kandowan, is one of the most wonderful and unique hotels of Iran that is located in Kandovan village of Tabriz in northwest of Iran. The structure of this hotel looks like a upside down beehives and all rooms are carved by hands. It’s very well known for having spa in most the rooms and many people prefer to stay at least one night in this wonderful village just to chill out with friends or family. As this is a seasonal property, we would highly recommend staying there mostly in late spring and summer time.

No. 7 Toranj hotel of kish island
Are you looking for having a vacation with your family? Or even prefer to stay in remarkable property for your honeymoon? Why not going to Kish Island of Iran that is located in persian Gulf and it’s designed on separate platforms on water. Many people are of the opinion it looks like Bali Island of Indonesia. As this is a seasonal property we will highly recommend staying in this property in autumn and spring.

No 8. Irman hotel of Qeshm
yearly several domestic and foreign tourists visit Islands of Persian Gulf and prefer to stay in comfortable rooms as nature of these trips are mostly for relaxations. However, there are some activities to do but people mostly interested in staying a fancy hotel rather than doing anything. Irman hotel is one of those places that is quite unique for its architecture and particular interior design. All rooms are furnished well by Iranian artists who study hospitality in overseas university.

No. 9 Zandiyeh hotel of Shiraz
Planning to visit Shiraz but looking for a different property in center of the city? Why not staying in Zandiyeh hotel that is one of the luxury hotels of Shiraz located right at the edge of Karim Khan fortress. It’s very well know for its decoration and architecture that represent shirazi culture during zand dynasty. This is where you have to end your nice long day of journey in Shiraz after visiting several nice places as well as shopping antiques from old market.

Court yard of the Hotel

No 10. Zanjan boutique hotel
we travel to any destination and will visit its marvelous tourist attractions and learn a lot about the history of that particular spot individually and sometimes it might happen by taking guided tours. But what if we bring the history to you? Zanjan boutique hotel is one of old mansions that has been renovated over the past years in different methods in order to represent the architecture and history of Iran from different periods. It will look like you travel to a timeline while you stay in this property. You will exposed to wonderful tiles work, stucco and paintings aside from its marvelous furniture.

No 11.  Zein-o-din caravansary
one of the most impressive properties to stay in Iran is Zein-o-din caravansary that is located in the heart of central desert. It’s been one of the 1000 chain caravansaries in Iran that has been built in 17th century by order of Shah Abbas. It has got the award of best place to stay in 2005. It will be a unique experience to stay in such a place such as old caravans.

Zein o din Caravansary

Apparently, there are more wonderful properties to stay in and it’s very difficult to pick only these places up but at least it gives you an image where you will accommodate in Iran and how the rooms look like in either major touristy cities or seasonal cities. We will be very pleased you let us know your comment and opinion if you’ve already been in either of these 11 best places to stay in while you travel to Iran. Or you can simply let us organize a fabulous journey for you and your circle and stay in these properties.