Hafez tomb of Shiraz, city of gardens, le grand tour de l' Iran

7 Thing to do in shiraz

Items will come up that are quite exquisite for travelers. This is why we are struggling to introduce 7 things to do in Shiraz while you stay for at least 3 days.

Eram garden of Shiraz, Iran grand tour


Shiraz is one of the oldest cities of ancient Iran and Is one of the major touristy cities which is locally called Shahr-e Raz.

Anahita palace, bishapour, of Shiraz


Bishapour, also known as Beyshapour (which has been translated from middle Persian to English as the city of Shapour) is an ancient

Delgosha Garden of Shiraz

Delgosha Garden

Let’s get acquainted with Delgosha garden, Shiraz has always been an important spot for any traveler and they have all mentioned in their notes about the beauties

Karim khan fortress of Shiraz

Arg-e KArim Khani

Citadel or locally called Arg-e karim khani, is a 4000 square meter building located in a large compound of 12800 square meter.