Delgosha Garden

Delgosha Garden of Shiraz

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Let’s get acquainted with Delgosha garden, Shiraz has always been an important spot for any traveler and they have all mentioned in their notes about the beauties of Shiraz especially its gardens that are all marvelous.

In Qajar period especially in 19th century Shiraz has been always in the center of attentions of Monarchs in terms of having a decent relaxing trip in its garden. Because of this reason, one of the most famous kings of this period, Naser Al Din Shah ordered to redesign one of the gardens of Shiraz that has been built during Zand period in the east of Shiraz and named it Delgosha that is translated into Refreshing Garden. However this garden is from ancient days of Persia people are of the opinion that the golden age of this garden dates back to Qajar period.

Its pattern and design represent ancient Persian Garden style by having the monument is the center of the garden and having four quarter gardens in the sides. Apparently one of the most important reason of this garden is its orange trees that all are blooming in spring as well as its fountains that makes a very authentic atmosphere for visitors.

Delgosha Garden of Shiraz
Delgosha Garden- Front View

Building itself has a particular design that catches everyone’s attention to it by having only one entrance from western face which leads people toward main hall. This hall has been decorated by stucco, mirrors and paintings however nothing much left from old days. Its hidden rooms in upstairs are amazing that either of these rooms have a spectacular view of mountain or garden.

Unfortunately in past decades due to lack of maintenance has already been damaged a lot and not too much details left. Although preservation takes a bit longer than usual people are of the opinion that this garden is one of the MUST SEE of Shiraz.