abiyaneh village of Iran

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Abiyaneh is one of the highlights of trip to central Iran which dates back to 640 AD when Zoroastrians move this area which is surrounded by Mount Karkas. The name of villages comes from Ancient language of Iranians that is called Sassanid Pahavi which is translated into resources of water. However all locals named the village after settling down into Harpak which comes from the name of fire temple in this village.

abiyaneh village of Iran
Front View of the village

Abiyaneh is very famous for its type of architecture even among locals to visit this area especially in weekend and communicate with locals who speak still in ancient language. All houses in old district of this village were built in staircase structure at the foot of mountain to be more protected however there was a citadel in this village for protection when they were invaded.

The structure of all houses are similar which have 2 levels however some occasionally have 3 floors that belong to upscale villagers or those who had more children. The structure and shape of windows are similar to one another in every single house of this village even for ground floor that has been used as a stable.

Walking through the village would give you an opportunity to expose to nice and friendly elderly people who are mostly females and selling their own little products. They all dress up in local costume including very nice shawl, colorful shirts and nice log trousers and they allow you to take photos or chat with them for a little while. They speak in Pahlavi and farsi as well that would be very interesting for tourists to film them.