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Ceramic museum of tehran, tehran walking tour

Ceramic Museum

One of the most beautiful museums of Tehran is in 30 Tir Ave which is a specialty ceramic museum of Iran that has been built in in early 20th century

Golestan Palace of Tehran

Golestan Palace

There is no doubt that Golestan complex (locally called Golestan Palace) is one of the most impressive historical attractions of Tehran which has been completed

Niavaran complex of Tehran, tehran city tour

Niavaran Complex

Niavaran complex (locally called Niavaran palace) is one of the most beautiful historical and cultural attractions of Tehran that is located in…

national museum of Tehran, tehran-baku tour

National Museum

The National Museum of Tehran (locally called Iran-e Bastan) is one of the top ranked sites of Tehran to visit. It’s always interesting to visit

Green Palace in Sa'ad Abad Palace

Sa’ad Abad complex

Welcome to Sa’ad Abad complex (locally called Sa’ad Abad Palace) as it is where Pahlavi monarchs moved to such as late Qajari kings. It’s located at the foot of Damavand in northern Tehran.