Ceramic Museum

Ceramic museum of tehran, tehran walking tour

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There ae always top secret places to visit in Tehran especially when it comes to walking tour in the old district of the city, you would be exposed to different types of museum. One of the most beautiful museums of Tehran is in 30 Tir Ave which is a specialty ceramic museum of Iran that has been built in in early 20th century by Mr. Qavam who the was the prime-minister in Qajari period.

It has been used as his own property and office till early 80s that has been taken by Egyptians as their own embassy. In early 90s this building was taken back as on Iranian building and Iranian architectures with cooperate with Austrians changed the function of the complex to a museum by decorating external and internal views.

The current complex contains three different departments:

  1. Pottery
  2. Glasses
  3. Crystals

There are several priceless objects to present in either of these sections that have been collected from different cities and spots of Iran. Let’s get acquainted with collections in each department:

all items and objects of this section are from one & two millennium BC till contemporary period, however, some of these are actually gifts from overseas or as samples for doing the same tact and arts in Iran. 

In this section, you will be exposed to several potteries from ancient Persia till 20th century that have been collected from different locations. Some of these are glazed, gold and some are perfectly painted by several stories such as Iranian stories or Europeans. In fact, the most important cities that all of these are collected are Rey, Qazvin, Gorgan and Neyshabour.

from late 15th century glassblowers of Europe started making glasses that are called Venice style that are quite similar to crystal stones because of having no color. Therefor in some areas of Czech Republic artists started making different types of glasses that are all painted. They started exporting these items from early 18th century to whole Europe.

As a travel consultant we would highly recommend to take a walking tour of Tehran in order to get acquainted with local businesses and museums better that all come from ancient Iranian culture.