Sa’ad Abad complex

Green Palace in Sa'ad Abad Palace

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Welcome to Sa’ad Abad complex (locally called Sa’ad Abad Palace) as it is where Pahlavi monarchs moved to such as late Qajari kings. It’s located at the foot of Damavand in northern Tehran. There are different roads toward this enormous complex but gates of Zafaeraniyeh & Darband are opened to visitors.

white house of Sa'ad abad complex of tehran
Sa’ad Abad complex

Sa’ad Abad is also known as one of the largest complex of monarchs with 110 hectares that consists 18 different palaces that are mostly built in 20th century. However, one of the oldest one is called Green Palace that many domestic tourists enjoy visiting it as a place where Reza Shah lived, historians strongly are of the opinion that Ahmed Shah in 19th century that last king of Qajar period used to live in such a remarkable palace.

Originally, Pahlavi monarchs lived in Golestan complex in city center but in order to have an appropriate for their visitors, they decided to move to north of Tehran. Reza Shah moved to Sa’ad Abad complex and his Son moved to Niavaran Complex. However, in last 1960s, his son with his family moved to his father’s complex but still preferred to use Niavaran as his own property.

There are several buildings in this complex such as Ahmad shah Palace, Green Palace, White Palace (locally called white house), Ashraf palace (that was his sister’s property), etc. All of them are turned to be museums and well display items from different monarchs.

 Nowadays many people prefer to visit a bunch of palaces but among all of them, White House and Green Palaces are picturesque for visitors as they enable them seeing several luxury items that are gifted from different monarchs worldwide.

As travel consultants, we will highly recommend visiting this complex in the morning in order to have sufficient time to explore this complex on your own time and get a ponder in this remarkable complex.