Kashan Hotels

Kashan hotels, Aameri ha hotel, best places to stay in Iran

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Kashan is known as city of Iranian houses. This brings the attention of everyone what an authentic stay they are going to have. Because most of these mansions are converted into traditional and boutique hotels from 2012 till now. This is the reason Kashan hotels are always attractive to domestic and foreign tourists.

In the past kashan was visited along the road toward Tehran or the other way around toward Esfahan due to lack of decent hotels. There were only few properties but not quite good enough. Since 2012 lots of Iranian merchants invested in this city for infrastructures of tourism and renovated these mansions by modern architectural methods and well promoted this city.

Nowadays, number of these mansions is increasing sharply as it is a decent business for locals to open up a traditional property in different classes and accommodate tourists from all over the world.

Here are some of the properties that we have been working from 2015 and have got excellent reviews;

  1. Negin Hotel
    This 3* hotel is located in center of the city just across the traditional bazaar with wide range of rooms for travelers. It also has some upgraded rooms for those who are willing to stay in higher quality with less fee.
  2. Mahinestan Hotel
    It’s one of the oldest adobe hotels of Kashan that is in vicinity of historical mansions.
    it’s been expanded over the last few years and enables everyone have a higher expectation of staying in a decent property.
  3. Saraye Aameri ha
    It’s the only 5* hotel of kashan that is just across the mansions. It can be romantic & authentic accommodation for those who stay in this property.
  4. Naranjestan hotel
    while you are in upscale side of town and preferred to be away from touristy zones, this hotel is our recommendation. This classic hotel has several rooms for this number of groups.
  5. Irani House
    This is our company’s favorite property because of having less rooms than other and makes everyone feel home. Its breakfast and foods are quite amazing.