Fin Garden

Fin garden of Kashan

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There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful gardens of Iran is Fin Garden that is also a world heritage site. It’s been located in the Fin region of Kashan and has been a resting place where Safavid Monarchs moved from Tehran to Esfahan or vice versa.

This history of this garden dates back to Achaemenid, however, there is not certain documents about this but people whom live in this area are of the opinion that this garden was stablished during Persian Empire especially in the same time like as Pasargadae. Unfortunately, in the year 982 AH this garden was damaged very bad by a heavy earthquake and most of its original buildings were destroyed.

Nowadays, there are few buildings from 17th century in the middle of the garden as well as some Qajari monuments. It’s well noted that Fin garden was larger than today and in 17th century Shah Abbas the first decided to move it about 500 m to the the place where it is located currently in order to be closer to Soleymanieh Spring. In another way, for sending water to any direction, shoto Galou intersection was founded in center of Safavid Kushk.

Another point we can make is, the structure of Iranian garden is having 4 quarters around the main monument as it’s perfectly done in this garden. This garden has become an important site even in Zand dynasty as the rulers built their own palaces or even in Qajari era, Monarchs have done the same job by building a Kushk with Iranian-European pattern.

Fin garden consists several buildings around the main courtyard such as Hammams that has been constructed in Safavid and Qajari eras. The Qajari one has been always a place where Iranians love to know more about it as it has been a murder place of Prime Minister during Naser-o-din Shah kingdom. The king ordered to kill his minister while he was talking a bath as he was very well people supporter. luckily, locals had seen this scene and published it in the city what was going to happen but it was too late.