Amir Chakhmaq Minarets

Amir Chakhmaq minarets of Yazd

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Amir Chakhmaq Minarets is one of the most impressive sites of Yazd that catches eyes of all visitors and today they are known as minarets of city.

This construction has been built originally in 14th century but it was expanded by ruler of Yazd who was Amir Jalal o Din Chakhmaq with his wife in 16th century. At the beginning it had just 2 floors of arches on top of each other and was used as Ashura gathering place where people came from all over the city to carry their palm trees on their shoulders.

Later on, in 16th century ruler expanded this gathering spot by two minarets to make a memorable spot for visitors as well. The wooden construction is called Palm tree and it was existed in any of areas in Yazd.  This one dates back to Safavid in 17th and was gifted to Yazd for this ceremony. It’s well noted that yearly over than 700 people struggle to carry this and move around under some religious programs.

There are some more buildings in this quarter such as Mosque, Cistern (that turned to be a gymnasium), minarets, etc. As a travel consultant we would highly recommend to visit them all by afternoon because of having creamy sun light which is excellent for photography tours.