Avicenna Tomb of Hamedan

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Biography of Avicenna;
Hossein Ibne Abdullah, also known as Avicenna was born in 990 AD in Bukhara in a religious family. His father, Abidulah was a vice president of Mansour-e Samani and was also a Litterateur and rarely was he able to produce poems. This could have been the reason he picked up Sina nickname for himself.

He was one of the wealthiest men in Bukhara back then and was pretty much interested in having a son in his life, however, he was unsuccessful till then as he several daughters from all his marriages. In one of his business trips toward Afashane with one of his friends Ahmed, they stayed overnight at Ahmed’s house place where he met Setareh, Ahmed’s sister who was 14 years old. Abidullah was in love on first meet and proposed her from her dad at the same night.

They married and both went backto Khoramthin and started their own life place where Samanid dynasty was settled. After a while Setareh got pregnant and and the result of this pregnancy was a son that made him very fascinating and he named his son Hossein. He very much liked his son to become a litterateur rather than a simply poet in order to learn several secrets of sciences.

There are several stories about his lifestyle even from his childhood that he was able to read Mo’alaghat when he was two years old that consists 7 poems in Arabic from poets who lived before Islam which represents the most difficult poetry complex for everyone.

He started studying different sciences by his dad when he was 5 years old then, they decided to move to a bigger city such as Bukhara to live place where he met another master rather than his dad who was called Abu Ala Sarakhsi. He was an expert in reciting Quran by different sounds such as Tartil, however, his dad knew already this is too much for a child at this age to understand what these words meant. After a passing courses with Abu Ala, he started learning Arithmetic from another master who was named Mahmoud Massah for few years.

These two new teacher very much liked to raise him up by learning poetry but his dad was not quite happy with this opinion and this is reason he was taken to another part of country to learn jurisprudence by a Imaeil who has studied at south of Spain back then.  Ismael was not a doctor but he had some friends who were doctors in south of spain and this is why he was struggling to encourage Hussein to learn medical care although he was not able.

When he was about 14years of age, he met another teacher in Bukhara who was called Nateli .He was very well-known in three different fields such as Eisagoge which is a famous book in Logic science, Almagest which was  A famous book astronomy and finally he ended up learning Euclid which mostly focuses on Geometrical math.

In his youth he started learning medical care from one of the very well-known teachers of Bukhara who was Abu Mansour that with no doubt he had several students from all over the world. Unfortunately back then ancient Iran was not well prepared in terms of having enough medicine or producing organic medicine and people were mostly relying merchants to bring them right medicine form China, India or other countries in far east for their own treatment. At the same period Egyptians were very good in different body surgeries and operation and this could have been in encouraging reason of Hossein (we call him from now a little Avicenna) to study operation’s treatments.

Avicenna was very good in eye surgery that had been forgotten for a millennium. In fact he had a great theory for surgeries that had divided bodies into 4 different sections: Operation of vessels, muscles, bones as well as eyes and in either of these, he has been trained very well. Avicenna has written about all parts of body & their functions, diseases regarding to every single part of human body and relevant medicine, correct sports ad trainings, operations, drugs and generally everything about a body and treatment in his famous book Qanon.

His Travels:
he had never been out of Bukhara till then due to being very well respected by Amir Saman and his courtiers but he started traveling to Rey with one of his friends but unfortunately, they got stuck in desert by sand storm and got lost. They started walking randomly for few days to any direction but no success to find the route and this was the reason that his travel companion passed away in desert.

He was found by a caravan accidentally after 4 days of moving around in desert and was taken to nearest town was named Abivard. He stayed there for 14 days and noticed he had got a Colonization disease that finally took him down at age of 53sh. He traveled to Neyshabour to have a new life but after a little time he noticed due to his different religion he was wanted and a huge award had been chosen for catching him. He decided to move to Jorjan place where is called Gorgan nowadays and had pretty decent time there for several years.

The reason that he stayed in this city for several year is, he noticed most of people in this town have the same disease as himself and he was happy to help them up by meeting them and even he wrote a book for ordinary people how to treat themselves. In Rey he was hired as a vice president of Mojed al Doleh Deylami for a long time or even later on by his ruler’s son he was hired again, however, he had personal issues with courtiers and was taken to jail for couple of times.

Back & forth his life can be split in four different chapters of being hired as a vice president, escaping from invaders, study and being in jail. He never stopped studying sciences even when he was in jail as few of his booked have been written when he was in jail such as Al Hadayad and Al Gholenj. There are several stories about his death but the strongest one is he passed away by the same disease as he was carrying it for ages.

He was buried in Hamedan at his friend’s house Abu Saied Abol kheyr when he was 53sh which was the end of life story of an intellectual giant of medical care that globe has ever seen. In 20th century one of the most famous architect of Iran Mr. Houshang Seyhoon decided to respect to this character by building such a monument in order to represent his time in Gonbad kavous and its tower.