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Fire Temple is one of the most impressive sites of Yazd and is an active Temple which belongs to Bahram and had been built by Iranian Zoroastrians and Indian Zoroastrians in 20th century.

Over the centuries people were struggling to get acquainted with Zoroastrianism, however, there were not enough documents to find out the purpose of building temples and many people were of the opinion that Zoroastrians worship Fire in order to respect one of the four elements of life. It is well noted that over the last decades Zoroastrians priests who live in Iran were well informing people about significant of having a temple as a source of energy in ancient days.

Relatively recently people are getting more interested in visiting ancient sites of Iran especially Fire Temples of Zoroastrians that are located in Yazd. Back to Sassanid, there were several fire temples for monarchs and his army, for priests as well as for ordinary people and either of the people had set a religious activity in their own temple in certain time of the year. For example from Sept 2nd till 6th they would all gather at AzarGoshanasb temple that they strongly believe, there was Zoroaster place of Birth

They were practicing their religion till Islam came through Persia and at the beginning of Islamic periods they were not having decent time and this was the reason for many Zoroastrians to immigrate to another country such as India. Or even they could have stayed in Iran but they must convert to Islam.

Among all temples of Zoroastrians three of them were in the center of attention that are Azar Faranbagh that was in Firuz Abad, Azar Goshnasb that is in Tekab and Azar Barzin that is in Neyshabour. It is well noted that during invasions especially when Islam came through Persia people were of the opinion that they should have saved the flames in order to respect the religion. This was the reason they moved the royal flame of Azar Faranbagh from Firuz Abad to north of Yazd and it was well preserved in Aqda for 700 years. Later on this flame was moved to Ardakan and well-kept for over than 300 years.

In early 20th century Iranian Zoroastrians and Indian Zoroastrians decided to have a proper temple in yazd and they founded this temple by bringing back this flame to their own community. What makes this Temple very fascinating is, none stop burning flame that has been kept for 1500 years since it has been founded.

The structure of all temples are similar and there is a reception hall for prayers and visitors, flame room as well as rooms for priest and library. People every day come to visit this temple and are fascinating to learn more about this religion.