Taq-e Bostan of Kermanshah, tour to kermanshah

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It is the capital of Kermanshah province that has renamed several times in the history but in late 20th it has been renamed back to Kermanshah which is resided a lot of Iranian Kurds that are the most hospitable people that may everyone face to.

It has been always a favorite place for monarchs and kings back to ancient days of Iran or even in Islamic periods as it has been located on old Silk Road and many travelers and merchants had taken this route already. It has been famous for Sassanid kings such as Khosrow Parviz that had built palaces for himself in Qasr-e Shirin or even in Harsin which is called today as Bistoun.

Things to do:
In addition to very amazing people what makes trip to Kermanshah very nice is, Taq-e Bostan that are few arches from Sassanid that have carved inside of them with their reliefs and stories. Another beautiful spot is Bistoun which is complex of arts and reliefs from many periods but it is highly recommended to admire the relief of Darius I which dates back to when he unified all empire.

Inside the city nearby bazaar has always been a hub for people to gather and exchange opinion and get updated in different items by other locals such as merchants. There is a ceremonial place which is called in Persian Tekiyeh that all people would gather every year for anniversary of Emam Hossein’s death and people would act and have some tragedy theater for all locals in a memory of him. This Tekiyeh is called Moaven al Molk which is very popular for its tiles working and stucco working.

There is no doubt that Persian Cuisines would bring people from all over the world to Iran and taste local foods of every tribe and city which comes from their culture. Kermanshah is one of the cities that everyone would like to try local dishes such as Dande Kabab, Khelal Stew and AbasAli Ash.