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Are you interested in cycling in Iran with your bike? Let’s get acquainted with Iran cycling tour in 14 days that enables everyone riding bikes in marvelous destinations and get a ponder in cities and villages.

As we love being on the road, we provided this marvelous route for those who are keen to ride bikes on old roads. we were struggling to include everything that might be quite interesting such as camping, staying in the luxury hotels, staying in caravansaries, home-stays, etc. Another point we can make is, riding in the different routes such as cities, villages, mountain roads, desert routes.

What we usually do is about hiring a professional cycling tour guide who has done this job several times (it very much depends on number of clients that we may hire 2nd tour guide to ride in the middle of group in order to join everyone), hiring a bus to drive as a support behind the group (and a place where we can store bikes in the evening), hiring a cook for camping days to provide everything in the bus.

Our goal is to ride 70-80 km everyday and totally 1000 km in Iran which can be a unique record for everyone. At the end of the journey we will provide a certificate from ministry of tourism of Iran.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend taking Iran cycling tour in early spring till June and from mid-sept till late Nov in central Iran.

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Are you interested in cycling in Iran with your bike? Let’s get acquainted with Iran cycling tour in 14 days that enables everyone riding bike in marvelous destinations and get a ponder in cities and villages.

Day 1: Tehran/Shiraz
Landing at IKA, transferring to Domestic airport for flying to Shiraz. get transferred to hotel for refreshing rest. Group Meeting is at 6 pm.
Day 2: Shiraz
Today, city tour begins by first biking toward Nasir-ol-Molk mosque, Naranjestan Garden and Eram garden.  In the afternoon you will do a walking tour in by visiting Fortress, bathhouse and Mosque which dates back to 18th century.
Day 3: Persepolis/Doroudzan
Today you will visit Persepolis where it’s Founded by Darius I in 518 B.C., Persepolis was the capital of Persian Empire which has been built on an immense half-artificial, half-natural terrace, where the king of kings created an impressive palace complex inspired by Mesopotamian models. The importance and quality of the monumental ruins make it a unique archaeological site. It seems that Darius planned this impressive complex of palaces not only as the seat of government but also, and primarily, as a show place and a spectacular center for the receptions and festivals of the Achaemenid kings and their empire such as Nowroz. At noon, you will ride ahead from Persepolis toward Doroudzan Dam Lake which is located about 55 km away (the road would be uphill and downhill) where you will stop to set up tents.
Day 4: Boragh Gorge
Today it would be nice long trip to Place which is not far away however the road is uphill with nice landscapes. Today’s biking would be 80km and group will stop for lunch somewhere on the road (ask local guide). The nice long ride will be finished by riding toward the Boraq river where we set up tents. Group will have Barbecue for supper. Stay at night in tents
Day 5: Abarkouh
Group will be transferred from the road of Eqlid-Surmaq and will start riding for 40 km till reaching the ancient city of Abarkouh. As today is a short ride, group will have a city tour of Abarkouh in order to visit the oldest Cypress tree of Iran, Old Mansions and etc.
Day 6: Zein-o-din caravansary
Our plan for today is biking toward Zein-o-din Caravansary, where it is located in the heart of desert. This caravansary has been built back in 17th century and renovated in decades ago. Our ride will be started from Dehshir check point toward caravansary. It will be a unique experience to stay in such place as caravans did in ancient days.
Day 7: Yazd
Today is a very short trip to Yazd, the adobe city of ancient Persia dates back to 7000 years ago. No riding plan for today as the distance is about 60km and the road is flat. Visit Towers of Silence, where was the cemetery of Zoroastrians, Fire temple of Zoroastrians which is still active. Water Museum and Friday Mosque are other places that tour will cover.
Day 8: Kharanaq
Another exciting day will come up by transferring to the road of Kharanq village. Today group will ride toward Chak Chak as the holy place for Zoroastrians. Then at Noon, group will ride toward to Kharanq village. Total ride is about 75 km.
Day 9: Esfahan
Today, we will endeavor reaching Esfahan, one of the most beautiful cities of Iran. Group will ride back toward the main road of Yazd-Esfahan for about 75 km and later on, group will be transferred to Nain where it is geographically center of Iran. Group will start riding on the road of Ardestan for an hour. In the early evening you will arrive to Isfahan and will stay at middle class hotels.
Day 10: Esfahan
In Isfahan group will stop riding and will visit the city with local guide and experience Naqsh-e Jahan Sq, as a second highlight of your trip in walking tour. For the afternoon we recommend the group to have an optional tour for visiting other sightseeing.
Day 11: Abiyaneh
Today you will leave Isfahan ahead to one of the villages of Iran called Abiyaneh dates back to 1500 years ago when Arabs invaded Persia. Our purpose of biking is to ride from old road of Isfahan-Kashan instead of highway. En route group will be able to visit “Taragh rood” lake and some old villages. Total distance is 160km and road is uphill and downhill. group will be leading on a detour road to the village which is about 22 km. You will check into hotel in the afternoon. Just refreshing rest, go ahead to visit an the village in couple of hours with local guide. You will take a scroll down in this old village due to some old buildings and shrines.
Day 12: Kashan
Today’s plan is biking to Kashan which is one of the ancient cities of Iran and one of the first civilizations of the world at least 7000 years go which called “ Caucasians “ was existed. Total distance of this day is 80km and the road is very convenient. In this city you are able to visit some of the historical mansions, Fin garden despite old market. I Our riding plan is to ride back to main road and ride forward to Kashan for 58 km. We offer you home stay instead of stay in hotel to experience Persian hospitality with a nice family.
Day 13: Tehran
We are reaching the end of journey. Our final ride is from Kashan to Qom by taking the old road which is about 110 km. It’s quite flat and group will be transferred from Qom to Tehran
Day 14: Tehran
Tehran city tour will get underway by visiting Ceramic Museum, National and Jewelry museums in a half day. Group will have a free afternoon to do their shopping, packing and all sort of personal activities till evening and that all will be transferred to Darband for welfare dinner and celebrate the wonderful journey.
Day 15: Departure
Traveler will leave the country with sweet memories.


11 nights of staying in 3* hotels and 2 camps


14 days of guided tours with a Cycling Guide

Entrance Fee

All places that are mentioned in itinerary


A bus for whole journey

A Cook

A Cook for three camping days

Visa Assistance

Iran Visa Authorization Code


Lunch & Dinner


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