Istanbul Trip


Are you planning to have a happy and exciting trip in middle east and you don’t want it to be too far away? We offer you Istanbul Trip, as this city has all ingredients for traveling such as flight distance, you can reach it in about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Istanbul is an important destination for tourists from all over the world, and every year many people travel to this destination to visit, shop, rest, that is why the world’s largest airport is also built in this city. No matter how many times you travel to this city, this city can easily provide all the elements of travel for all the tastes of different people and it has new things every time.

Beside the historical and old monuments, visiting the Hagia Sophia mosque always has its own charm. The place is about 700 years ago, but its magnificent architecture attracts everyone from all over the world. You can even mention the small Ayasofiya Mosque as one of the major tourist destinations. There are more places in this city to visit such as Blue Mosque, Top Qapi Palace, Delmabaghche, Water Anbar, Grand Bazaar…

Although all Iranians like to stay in the European part of Istanbul, somewhere nearby Taksim Square and Esteghlal Street and even near Galata Tower, other tourists prefer staying in boutique hotels of old district in order to feel the culture and traditions. Everything in this part of the city has a different color and smell. Another point we can make is about night tours that are quite interesting especially in vicinity of Galata Tower there are several decent buildings, international stores and stylish restaurants. Even walking and night tours can be done easily.

As travel advisors, we suggest that you take 7 days and 6 nights for a tour and enjoy your stay in this city. You can easily arrange that all the historical and recreational tours are at the beginning of the trip and you can take care of the rest in the first two or three days. Of course, there are so many places to see and have fun that you want to come back again. The Istanbul tour can be organized in all seasons of the year, unlike other destinations in Turkey, which are limited in autumn and winter due to the cold.

Are you planning to have a happy and exciting trip in middle east and would like to visit few countries together? we would highly recommend taking Istanbul trip right after Iran as they are both have great culture and a lot to present. Particularly, Istanbul is the home of all nations who gathered for making the city better everyday.

We offer you Istanbul Trip, as this city has all ingredients for traveling such as historical buildings, hotels, cafes, etc. Foods are amazingly delicious, especially in old district of Istanbul there are several local restaurants that offer you local cuisines with Turkish flavor. we also recommend this city because of flight distance is too short in comparison with other destinations. You can reach it in about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Day to day Travel Itinerary:

First day: Istanbul
Flight from Shiraz/Tehran to Istanbul, transfer to the hotel and rest at the hotel

Second day: Istanbul
The tour of Istanbul starts at 9 in the morning by visiting the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the cistern, the Grand Bazaar, Top-qapi Palace.

Third day: Istanbul
Istanbul tour includes visiting Delma Baghche Palace, Bosphorus, Museum of Contemporary Art.

Fourth day: Istanbul
Free time

Fifth day: Istanbul
Free time

Sixth day: Istanbul
Free time

Seventh day: Istanbul/Shiraz
Free time until the evening, the group will be transferred to the airport for the return flight.


one way Intl flight from Shiraz to Istanbul


7nights of stay in 3* hotels (breakfast is included)

City tour

2 guided tours are included


airport transfers are included


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