Sheikh Lotf-ullah Mosque

Sheikh Lotf ullah mosque of Esfahan, Iran's golden cities tour, esfahan city tour

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Sheikh Lotf-ullah Mosque is certainly one of the remarkable historical sites of Esfahan that is very well known for its architecture. It dates back to Safavid dynasty and has been built as the private spot of a Sufi who was father in law of the Shah.

In fact, this mosque was built to be a little present from Shah Abbas I to his father in law that he can run his courses with his followers in a proper spot. However, there are some evidence this mosque has been used for praying but strongest believe is it has been just a place sufism.

In another way, the purpose of this mosque was for it to be private to the royal court (unlike the Royal Mosque, which was meant for the public). For this reason, the mosque does not have any Minarets and is smaller.

Shah Abbas I, had also ordered to build a underneath tunnel from Aali Qapu palace to reach this mosque. There were two entrances; one is from the passage (covered bazaar) and one from main square and all of them were guarded all the time to protect the ladies as well as other students.

It’s well noted that each element of this mosque has its own beauty such as the gate, tiles and mosaics on façade, domed hall, etc. One of the most main items of decorating mosques was Seven Coloured tiles (locally called Haft rangi) that made the mosque very impressive.

sheikh_lotf_allah_mosque of Esfahan
Interior Design

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this mosque in the morning in order to get the best light for photography by taking one of the Esfahan city tours.