Statues valley Of Hormuz

Statues valley of hormuz

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There is no doubt that southern Islands of Iran are very Mysterious and particularly Statues valley of Hormuz is one of the most wonderful and popular spots where it is located along the Hormuz Gorge.

The geological study of Hormoz Island estimates the age of this island is about 600 million years, however, this island has emerged from the heart of the Persian Gulf about 50,000 years ago. The Valley of Sculptures is one of the famous natural sites of Island, a popular place for travelers and a masterpiece of nature.

The valley is located in the southern flank of the Hormoz island and everyone can take to this location by ease in about half an hour walk. In regards with the name of the place there are several stories that elderly people of the island know about them. For example, according to the locals when two young people fell in love, they met in this place.

There are unique views along the statue valley. It has taken many years to visit them however, all of them are made by natural agents such as wind or erosion. This valley has a unique collection of beautiful statues in its heart. People carve this rock better with their imagination and animals emerge from their hearts.

It is interesting to know that the angle of view has a great impact on people’s perception of the natural landscapes of the Sculpture Valley. The scenery along the route and along the valley of the sculptures is so captivating that people forget the passage of time and fly involuntarily into the world of fantasy.  The environment of the sculptures is amazing, scary and thought-provoking

The experience of the endless silence of the Valley of Sculptures is very interesting. A silence that may be eerie; Of course, this silence helps to better understand the statues of the valley. The silence of the valley in the shadow of the walls carved by nature and a land of silver sand, invites man to have a unique experience.

The charm of the Valley of Sculptures does not end with its natural statues, but at the end of the path, it will amaze everyone with its other face. When you walk Along the path, it becomes narrower and suddenly reaches a precipice with a height of about 40 meters. The view of the valley is completely facing the turquoise sea of ​​the Persian Gulf and shows a unique scene of it.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend taking winter trips to Hormoz Island in order to get acquainted with local culture and its extraordinary landscape.