Zein-o-din Caravansary

Zein o din caravansary

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Let’s experience staying in such a unique place. Zein-o-Din caravansary is one of the most beautiful spots and lounges for caravans. It has been built in 17th century by order of Kerman’s ruler who was Mr. Zein-o-Din GanjAli Khan as his own caravansary on Silk Road in vicinity of central desert of Iran.

Zein al Din Caravansary

Generally caravansaries had been used as a place where caravans could lounge for a while, however, this caravansary has been used as Royal lounge for rulers and monarchs while they were traveling on Silk Road. Apart from its history, what makes this spot very especial is, its unique circle structure with several forts for protection that made the building almost impossible to be reach.

This structure has several rooms for different class of people such as Royal Suite, Kitchen, Private rooms and public rooms. Usually beside this building stable has been built to keep away camels and horses. It is very interesting that air conditioning and lighting have been designed in all private and public rooms for travelers.

Zein o din Caravansary
Courtyard View of Caravansary

Zein-o-din caravansary has been renovated about 18 years ago and converted to a boutique hotel and would be a unforgettable memory to stay in such a place. As travel consultants, we would highly recommend taking a tour of this caravansary in order to get familiar with Iranian architecture and ancient hotel chain of Persia.