Zein o din caravansary

Zein-o-din Caravansary

Zein-o-Din caravansary is one of the most beautiful spots and lounges for caravans. It has been built in 17th century by order of Kerman’s ruler who was Mr. Zein al Din GanjAli Khan

Anahita palace, bishapour, of Shiraz


Bishapour, also known as Beyshapour (which has been translated from middle Persian to English as the city of Shapour) is an ancient

Delgosha Garden of Shiraz

Delgosha Garden

Let’s get acquainted with Delgosha garden, Shiraz has always been an important spot for any traveler and they have all mentioned in their notes about the beauties

Karim khan fortress of Shiraz

Arg-e KArim Khani

Citadel or locally called Arg-e karim khani, is a 4000 square meter building located in a large compound of 12800 square meter.

Avicenna Tomb of Hamedan


Hossein Ibne Abdullah, also known as Avicenna was born in 990 AD in Bukhara in a religious family. His father, Abidulah was a vice president of Mansour-e Samani and was also a Litterateur