Constitution House

Constitution house of Tabiz

There is no doubt that Constitution House of Tabriz is one of the most well-known historical sites that everyone is interested to visit. Especially those who ae looking for knowing about history of Iran in Qajar era.

Constitution House, locally called Khane Mashrouteh belongs to one the merchants of Tabriz who was called Mr.Kooze-Kan’ani. The structure of the house is a bit different comparing to what it normal in this region. Due to having cold winter most of the mansions preferred not to have a courtyard or should have been very small but in this one there were two of them. However, nowadays only one of the is available to visit.

Stepping into the house, you will see a beautiful tree-lined courtyard that has created a pleasant atmosphere. The stunning architecture, the skylights, the columns with enchanting plaster works, the Orosi (sash windows) and inlaid doors of this house will amaze you.

In fact, this house has been used in different periods as a place where lots of movements have been planned by revolutionists. For example, back in 1908 they have been planning to bombardment of Iranian Parliament and did that in collaboration with one of the Russians leaders.

Back in mid-20th century, it has become the place where two leaderships & honorable men of Iran rose up against the Qajar king. This house was also the meeting center of the leaders and activists of Azerbaijani Democratic Party.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this mansion while you are taking a walking tour of Tabriz as it’s located in vicinity of Bazaar. It can be done in an hour and you will be exposed to several documents and history of movements that are done by locals.