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There is no that one of the most impressive sites of Tabriz is Azerbaijan Museum that is located in vicinity of Blue Mosque. This museum has been founded in 1958 by tourism board of Tabriz.

The museum consists of three major halls, a court yard as well as offices and library for study about archaeology of ancient Persia in northwest of Iran as most of its objects have been excavated by several Iranian and foreign archaeologist over the last decades.

The first gallery of the museum displays the oldest remains from 5th millennium BCE until Sassanian dynasty (212-656 AD). The museum’s monuments include goddesses, several Rhytons, two skeletons (male and female) and a carved slab of marble known as Bism Allah Stone.

The second gallery consists of two parts: one for Islamic archeology and another part for coins and seals. Part one involves pottery dated from the 10th to the 19th centuries. The coins of this gallery (part two), displays from Achaemenid until Qajar period back In early 20th century.

The third gallery includes some sculptures made by Ahad Hosseini. They are made of plaster and represent the sculptor’s own image about the fate of mankind in the 20th century. Its library contains more than 2500 books, both handwritten and printed, about history, archaeology, art and Iranian culture.

In the yard of museum some stone figurines, statues, rams and inscriptions are somehow kept. As travel consultants we would highly recommend putting this museum into your bucket-list because of its importance and object’s variation.