Karoun River of Iran, Ahvaz

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Traveling to Khuzestan, particularly Ahvaz has several advantages for everyone especially in autumn and winter that the weather is pleasant. Khuzestan is the home of the ancient civilizations and mostly Elamite heritage used to live in this area back in thousands of years ago.

From north to south of Khuzestan, there are several historical sites from different heritages that has been living here as it was a decent place to live. For example, in Izeh that is a city in the north of this province there are several bas-reliefs from ancient civilizations or even from Persian Empire, Parthians, etc. or even in west of this province, because of having pleasant weather there are forests and lagoons that attract many domestic and foreign tourists yearly.

Nowadays, many travel agents focus on cultural tours of this province such as visiting Susa that has been the seat of govt back in Persian Empire, Shushtar which represent world heritage site of Hydraulic system, etc. In this category we will endeavor introducing to you all the potentials of this province in every single city such as activities, landscapes, cultural events, foods and drinks, etc.

Another point we can make is, Khuzestan is known as one of the wealthiest provinces of Iran in terms of having oil industry in many cities of this province. Back to 1960s, several British and American oil companies has been working in Iran and founded their petroleum industry in Iran over the decades and Iran has become one of the most popular destination in providing oil products.

Unfortunately, in 1980, due to the war with Iraq regime, many infrastructures were damaged badly or even people had to move from their home town to another spot. This was the reason that many places including historical spots got abandoned for many years.

In regards with people, there is no doubt that citizens of this province are known as the most hospitable Iranians that have ever seen. They are very friendly and warm hearted and would like to make presents well for their guests. It could be a unique experience to be invited by locals and get interacted with them.

As this province was damaged during war in 1980s, many cities of this province are struggling to well develop their infrastructures despite having verity of products to present. Currently in Ahvaz or surrounding there are some decent hotels that are well maintained for clients to stayover night. However, it may vary from any plan to one another where to start or finish but can provide and book with ease.

We would highly suggest staying in classic hotels of Pars, Oxin, Naderi, or even staying in traditional hotels of Shushtar, Izeh, Shush, etc. As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this province in autumn or winter in order to have pleasant weather by staying for a few days to cover the most of highlights of this province.