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Traveling to Ahvaz has some advantages such as visiting historical & world heritage sites such as ancient city of Susa where it displays different layers of civilizations in its ruins. One of the most popular spots is Apadana palace.

One of the famous traveling routes while you are in ahvaz is having an excursion to Susa which is lied down about an hour away toward North. Susa (locally called Shush) is the home of ancient civilization such as Elamite or earlier than that till 20th century that Pahlavi dynasty allowed excavating by archaeologists in this region.

It has also been playing an important role in Persian empire as Darius the great founded his political capital in this region including his palace. However, other monarchs turned it winter palace in order to be in other capitals as well. The walls were made out of mud-bricks, pillars are made out of lime stones and what we expect is, the material of ceiling was wood but there is nothing to prove.

Walls were all decorated by glazed tiles that all of them contained pictures of immoral soldiers, 12 petalled rosettes, lions and bulls. Therefore, there are several items to visit in this such as Apadana palace, museum, French castle, etc.

Apadana has been damaged a lot over the history and nowadays many travelers would like to visit its details at place, however, there are still excavations in ancient city in order to find out more about this dynasty. After Darius, his son Xerxes, has built his own palace in vicinity of his dad’s palace and decorated almost similar.

This complex has been used until Alexander invaded Persia and it has been abandoned for a while that Parthians used it in some ways. Later on, Sassanian Dynasty paid more respect by renovating this complex and use it as their own treasure.

Back & forth, until 20th century, one of the famous French archaeologists started excavating in this region and made their own knowledge about history of Persia and renovating parts of this complex. Although many priceless objects were moved to Louver museum still this location is one of the most valuable spots from tourisms point of view of those who are looking for having a cultural tour.