Uraman village of Kurdistan, Iran west trip

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Uraman region (locally called huwraman) is highly recommended to those who are looking for having and adventure and trekking tour in order to visit stunning landscapes, villages and unique architectures as well as meeting amazing people.

There is no doubt this Iranian Kurdistan Province is one of the most of beautiful regions of Iran and those who are nature lovers call this area, a piece of Heaven. It has been untouched until few years ago and locals had some difficulties to travel, however, new road has been built relatively recently and made such a access for everyone to go forward visiting this marvelous village.

What makes traveling to this village quite especial is, its unique architecture that are all well preserved from ancient days as it’s been located on Silk Route. The village itself is a tiny spot of Huwraman County and all locals speak in Kurdish with several dialects.

People are of the opinion that locals of this village are originally Zoroastrians because of having a particular mausoleum which is called Pir-e Shaliar that hosts yearly several domestic & foreign tourists to visit as well as Iranian Zoroastrians who come to practice their own religion in Aug.

It is well noted that there is a trekking route for those who are looking for having active tours in this rein that enables everyone to go randomly all around this village and end up trekking by visiting an spectacular view of this village that can be taken from private garden.

We would highly recommend to visit this region from April till late Oct every year that is accessible from Marivan town which enables everyone enjoy its landscape, fresh air, foods as well as meeting amazing people.