Domestic flights in Iran

Imam Khomeini airport, domestic flights in iran

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International travel has started once again after having a long pause due to covid-19 restrictions. We are eager to run different trips for those who are very much interested in visiting Iran. As you know we are a local travel agency who runs over landing trips in Iran and prefer not to use domestic flights in Iran as much as possible.

By this way we can go through the deepest spots in villages, nature, desert, etc. Having done several trips for different nationalities made us quite well organized despite running cultural tours. Iranian government has helped us a lot in the past year for opening the country for travelers or even making visa process faster in order to bring more customers.

Another point I can make is about journeys in Iran and how we run tours. For many travelers the first trip has to be in central of Iran that consists visiting major touristy cities such as Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Kashan as well as Tehran. We did mostly by cars or Vans from Tehran down toward Shiraz or vice versa and from the last city, we could have taken a domestic flight toward the Tehran airport.

BY this way, we could have saved time and money in order to run the trip better, many people are jetlagged on arrival and need to adopt themselves slightly. Relatively recently Iranians Airlines made their own rates for flying inside Iran and obviously foreign tourists have to pay more locals which is based on flight duration. This caused all travel agencies inside Iran to turn against this decision by changing the trip routes in order to omit the flight.

However, quality of flights was getting slightly better over the past years by bringing new planes for domestic flights in Iran, well training new flight teams, new services but this new decision will affect on quality of tours. Persia traveling center tour agency will change the plans and make them all over lands from beginning till the end in order to provide better services.