Rudkhan castle of Fuman,

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There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful cities of Gilan province is Fuman where it is located in the west of Rasht. What makes this city impressive is being located at the foot of Alborz Mountain which is surrounded by several forests.

People of Fuman are in different businesses such as working on farm, producing cookies as it is one of the most delicious ones in Iran, and providing cupper items in particular shapes and sizes that are mostly used in this city. Geographical situation of Fuman has been always an important in terms of being on the way of Masouleh and Rasht that had brought lots of merchants and ordinary people to take a look.

Fuman Cookies
Fuman Cookies

Today people would come to this city mostly for trying cookies that is quite interesting and very tasty as it has been produced since ancient days of Persia, known as one of the sweets and pastries of Nowruz. However Iranians in all over the country would provide this cookie that are locally called Kolooche such as in Shiraz, Kashan and Yazd, these from Fuman are a bit larger and cinnamon is one of the favorite flavor of locals to be added.

Rudkhan castle of Gilan
Rudkhan castle

Another reason that brings you to this city is Rudkhan Castle that is one of the ancient castles of Persia that has been built in Sassanid as a military base, however, the golden age of this castle refers to Seljuk period in 12th century AD. It has been built on top of hard rock by locals and they did use local materials for base and structure, however, there are some buildings inside the castle that have been built by bricks. What makes reaching this castle very especial is climbing up to 1000 steps and almost 1100 m altitude.

Masouleh village of Fuman
Masouleh Stepped Village

We will suggest you having a day trip to Masouleh and return to Fuman to stay overnight where it has a lot more facilities with higher quality. Then climbing up on next day would be much easier and convenient. Each way of climbing takes approximately an hour and visiting the castle takes couple of hours to get wander around and single every single corner of this ancient building.