Tabi'at bridge, Tehran, Iran Cultural Tour

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Tehran is a city in the northern flank of Iran and is known as the capital of Iran from 2 centuries ago with about 8.7 million inhabitants in the city.

There is no doubt that Tehran is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world for everyone in either holiday or business trips. The history of Tehran dates back to ancient days of Persia particularly the southern flank of the city where it is known as Ray in present-day, however, nothing much left from old days but still some records and evidences are available that prove it’s been invaded several times by Arabs, Mongols and Turks.

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Niavaran Complex

Back in Qajari dynasty, monarchs were exposed to locate themselves somewhere far from the previous dynasty. The founder of Qajari Dynasty picked up Tehran as the capital in late 18th century. Even though there were several monuments and buildings from previous eras, they started building new palaces and properties on top of them in order to clear the ancient history.

Niavaran Complex, Tehran
Niavaran Palace

From 20th century particularly in 1920s, Tehran has become the home of many historical locations, including the royal complexes such as Golestan Palace (as a world heritage site), Sa’ad Abad & Niavaran Complexes where the last Pahlavi Shah moved to live with his family in northern Tehran.

white house of Sa'ad abad complex of tehran
Sa’ad Abad complex

Things to do:
As a foreign or domestic tourist there are several activities to do while you are planning to stay in Tehran in either family visit, business trip, etc. One of the famous landmarks and monuments of Tehran that represents modern art of Iran is Azadi Tower that is located in the western face of the town. It’s been built just right before the greatest ceremonies of the last Shah back in 1971. Currently Milad Tower plays this role in northern Tehran as it is the 6th tallest self-communicating tower that has been founded back in 2007.

Cinema Museum of Tehran
Ferdows Garden

Another landmark we can present as the highlight of the city is the Tabiat Bridge (translated into the Nature bridge). It’s been completed back in 2014 and many Iranian modern arts have gathered there to display their methods, and activities as well as local & fancy restaurants, cafes are available.

Azadi Tower of Tehran
The Azadi Tower that was built in 1971

It’s interesting to know, most of the population who live in Tehran understands Persian (locally called Farsi), however, the large number of this inhabitants migrated from other cities to Tehran in order to have better life and they speak their own languages in their communities. This is the reason Speaking Farsi has become the 2nd Spoken language in Tehran at some point.

Mt. Damavand of Tehran

Tehran as well as other capitals of the world has two different airports, MehrAbad (the domestic airport that previously has been used for both domestic and international flights till 2004) and IKA as the international airport that is along the road of Tehran-Qom.

Tehran Day:
The City Council declared October 6 Tehran Day in 2016, celebrating the day in 1907 when the city officially became the capital of Iran

Where to see in Tehran
If you are planning to visit Iran or even particularly Tehran, here are several activities to do such as visiting museums, wonderful Palaces, Markets and Malls, Mountain Climbing at weekend such as Darake & Darband or even Tochal, etc. Apparently we can offer you a tour of hidden museums of Tehran that represent beautiful architectures and several priceless objects. Also the Museum of Contemporary Art, which hosts works of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol. The Iranian Imperial Crown Jewels, one of the largest jewel collections in the world, are also on display at Tehran’s National Jewelry Museum.

Carpet Museum of tehran,
front view of carpets and rugs

Where to shop:
Tehran is the home of several shopping Malls and bazaars as the two famous ones are called Grand Bazaar (in city center and most of travelers prefer to purchase from these properties) and Tajrish SQ. Despite these markets are holding economy power, there are wide range of malls in every single corner that present brands from all over the world. Apparently we can introduce some of these commercial centers such as Davudie, Paladium, Iran Mall, etc.

As travel consultants, we will highly recommend visiting Tehran in 3 or 4 days in order to have sufficient time to visit most of the beautiful places, as well as spending more time in the city and communicate with younger people in upscale face of the city.