Top 25 spots in Iran to visit

Tabatabaeemansion of Kashan

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Are you looking for visiting Iran in upcoming weeks/months?
Tourism is growing up again sharply after a long pause and many people started planning or traveling to different destinations around the world. Here we will endeavor introducing you the top 25 spots in Iran to to visit.

Iran has always been a hot deal for many travelers as it has a lot to present in terms of cultural events, historical sites, foods and pastries. Especially when it comes to choose the best time to travel, many foreign tourists suggest to go in either spring or autumn. This will help you to experience all exclusives in once.
Here we are going to well introduce to you top 25 spots to visit in Iran in order to give you an image to plan better, go better.

1- Nasir-ol-Molk mosque
It’s one of the top ranked sites of Shiraz Iran, where it is known as pink mosque which dates back to 19th century.

Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, Pink Mosque,
Summer Hall of Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque

2- Falak-ol-Aflak Castle
There is no doubt that one of the most important places to visit in Western Iran is Falak-ol-Aflak that has been built back in Sasani Era. The original name of the castle was Shapur but it’s been changed several time in history. Currently, it is one the anthropology museum of the city as it presents life style of Lurish People.

Falak-ol-Aflak castle of Khoram Abad, top 25 spots in iran to visit
Over View of The Ancient Castle

3- Persepolis
Still one of the top activities to do in Iran is visiting Persepolis, where it was the capital of Persian Empire back in 517 BCE. it’s along the road of Shiraz-Esfahan and has a lot to present in terms of architecture and history. Usually travelers including domestic and foreign tourists will take a half a day tour of Persepolis or will include this in their itinerary of visiting Shiraz.

Persepolis of Shiraz
Spectacular view of Persepolis

4- Naqsh-e Jahan SQ
Another world heritage site of Iran is Naqsh-e Jahan SQ, where it is known as the 2nd largest SQ od rhw world. It consists exclusively everything from 17th century such as architecture, tiles work, Stuccoes, Shops, Handicrafts, Etc. Here is top ranked site of Iran based on every single foreign tourist has a change to interact with locals in this such a SQ.

Naqsh-e Jahan Sq of Esahan
Royal Mosque, Naqsh-e Jahan SQ

5- Staying in Zein-o-Din Caravansary
Traveling in desert has always been very challenging particularly in old days that infrastructures were not similar to present days. If you are looking having a unique experience in middle of nowhere, we would highly recommend staying in this old caravansary that is in vicinity of Central Desert.

Zein o din Caravansary
Court Yard of the caravansary

6- Rudkhan castle
Many travelers especially Europeans may ask why they should travel to northern Iran as they have pretty much extraordinary forests but eventually, we would suggest them to visit Rudkhan castle that is on the top of the mountain in the heart o forest. It dates back to Sassanian dynasty and has been used as a military base.

Rudkhan castle of Fuman
Over View of Ancient castle

7- Iran Mall
While we travel to ay particular destination, we would like to visit everywhere and experience present-day life of locals. Tehran with having 8.7 million inhabitants, should have higher level of entertainment for its people. Iran Mall is one of those places that you can spend at least half day with ease by walking randomly in its halls. Especially its bookstores, cafes, restaurants, clothing stores and so on amazingly fascinates people.

Iran Mall of tehran, top 25 spots to visit in Iran
Main Hall

8- Taq-e bostan
Visiting historical sites of western Iran has always been exciting as you will be exposed to unique items such as Taq-e Bostan. It consists several bas-reliefs from different kingdoms inside these little arches. Particularly from Sassanian dynasty till Qajar era that monarchs were willing to present their activities on these rocks.

9- Alisadr cave
One of the most famous activities to do in Iran is visiting Alisadr cave of Hamedan especially in summer time that people are skipping outdoor activities, this can be highly recommended for at least 2 hours as you need to walk and boat to different directions. There are lots of stalagmites and Stalactites that are made million year ago in particular shapes. This is known as the largest water cave of the middle east.

Inside Alisadr water cave

10- Music museum of Esfahan
Traveling to any destination may bring you lots of good memories but eventually, having photos and music from that destination will remain. Esfahan music museum is one of the top ranked spots in Esfahan where you can get acquainted with local music instruments as well as watching live performance of musicians who play traditional music.

Music Museum of Esfahan
Music Museum of Esfahan

11- Persian gardens
It’s one of the most beautiful spots in southeastern Iran that represents Ancient Persian Garden style in the heart of desert. its orchard makes the garden very fascinating in every season.

Prince garden of Mahan
Main courtyard view of Shazde Garden

12- Niavaran complex
There is no doubt that one of the top ranked spots of Tehran is Niavaran Complex that has been the home of last Shah and his family back in 1960s. It consists several palaces and building with different architecture from different periods.

Niavaran Complex of Tehran
Saheb Qaraniyeh Palace, Persia Traveling Center

13- Azadi Tower
If you are looking for having a unique style of a monument in Iran that can be called as Iran’s Brand, we would highly recommend visiting Azadi Tower that has been build in 1971 before the greatest celebration of the world.

Azadi Tower of Tehran

14- Qabous Tower
A unesco world heritage site that is remained from 11 centuries ago in Gonbad city, is the tallest mud-brick tower in the world. It’s been used as the ceremonial spots for Rulers such as Qabus from Ziyarid dynasty.

15- Kalat-e Naderi
when we are discussing about a huge massive castle, Kalat-e Naderi comes into our mind where it dates back to Achaemenid and later on has been renovated and used as a fortress. Especially in Islamic eras, it’s been used for protection of northeastern Iran. The Golden Age of this complex dates back to Afshar dynasty that it was well renovated for Ms. Khorshod (localled called Khorshid khanoom) who was the Queen of King Nader.

16- Beris beach of Chabahar
Traveling to Iran in different seasons enables you visiting different faces of this marvelous country. Especially in winter time, lots of forieg tourists prefer to visit sothern iran, from Chabahar toward Bushehr. Beris beach is highly recommended location where you will be exposed to joint of Oman sea and India Ocean. This amazing spot also enables you visiting life style of Belouchi people.

17- Kaluts
It’s always interesting to know every single country in the world has a wonderful spot, that brings the attention of everyone. kaluts is one of those places that you most likely get a ponder randomly along its rocks that consists pure pinkish soil. it’s been registered as a world heritage back in 2016.

Kaluts of Kerman

18- Old district of Yazd
Traveling to Yazd has been always exceptional as you feel you are allocated in different planet. its old district has been registered as a world heritage site that fascinates people from all over the world. Especially when it comes to going on the roof top cafes, you will be exposed to forest of wind-catchers.

Old District of yazd
A wonderful view of Yazd adobe city that has been taken from a roof top cafe

19- Huraman village
Looking for meeting extremely friendly Iranians while you are in Iran? Let’s travel to western flank of Kurdistan, in a huge land of Huwraman county. You will be exposed to a wonderful rock stepped villages such a Selin, Belbar, etc. The highlight of these spots is Uraman village that is the home of the Iranian Kurds who are known as the most hospitable people on planet.


20- Chogha Zanbil Temple
it’s one of the outstanding temples of Elamite dynasty back in 1250 BCE. It’s located in Khuzestan province along the road of Susa-Ahwaz. Currently many travelers visit this temple mostly in autumn and winter. It’s architecture and details are amazingly interesting that enables you to be exposed to cuneiform.

Chogha Zanbil Temple of Susa
Susa, Chogha Zanbil Temple

21- Hyqer canyon
wide-range of activities makes traveling to Iran very exciting. One of the most wonderful spots is Hyqer Canyon that is known as the largest one in Iran. It’s highly recommended to those adventure travelers who are keen to explore untouched destinations. It can be done in a day trips from Shiraz.

22- Raziyaneh Canyon
Western Iran has a lot to present. Especially when it comes to exploring the region or active tour, it reminds us Ilam with its canyons to go forward. Raziyaneh is one of those wonderful places that is highly recommended to adventure travelers who are willing to explore the countryside on their own. However, it’s along the road of Dareh Shahr- Ilam and many group tours visit this location almost everyday, but traveling alone is not a good choice as you may need help at some part of the route to come out of this canyon.

Raziyaneh canyon of Ilam, Iran west tour

23- Soltaniyeh dome
There are always historical and world heritage attractions in every country that brings the attention of people to pick up a destination. It can be a particular architecture, or kirky hotels, as well as extraordinary landscape. Zanjan that has been the capital of Iran back in 14th century, has several untouched spots to visit such as Soltaniyeh Dome that is ceremonial spot for the King Uljaitu.

Soltanieh Dome of Zanjan
Soltanieh Dome of Zanjan

24- Sheikh Safi Mausoleum
Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble is the tomb of Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili located in Ardabil, Iran. In 2010, it was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This monument is situated in the Ali-Ghapu area, Ardabil in northwest of Iran. It’s highly recommend to those who are willing to visit world heritage sites despite visiting extraordinary landscpes.

Sheikh Safi-o-din Mausoleum of Ardabil
Sheikh Safi-o-din Mausoleum of Ardabil

25- Eil Goli Park
one of our company’s favorite sites in Eil Goli Lake House that dates back to Qajar Period in 19th century. It’s located in upscale area of the city and enables everyone meeting locals who come to have a picnic with their families and relatives in either lunch or Dinner. You might be invited to their community and interact with them.

things to do in tabriz, Eil Goli Lake of Tabriz
Lake House of Tabriz