Chehel sotoun palace of Esfahan

Chehel Sotoon Palace

Chehel Sotoun Palace, locally called Kakh-e Chehel Sotoun is a veritable museum of Persian painting and ceramics in Esfahan. It was a pleasure pavilion of Safavid and used for the king’s entertainment’s and receptions. It stands inside a vast royal park, but relatively near the enclosure, and was founded by Shah Abbas I and it […]

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Taq-e Bostan of Kermanshah, tour to kermanshah


⏰ 3 minute readIt is the capital of Kermanshah province that has renamed several times in the history but in late 20th it has been renamed back to Kermanshah which is resided a lot of Iranian Kurds that are the most hospitable people that may everyone face to. It has been always a favorite place

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Tabi'at bridge, Tehran, Iran Cultural Tour


Tehran is a city in the northern flank of Iran and is known as the capital of Iran from 2 centuries ago with about 8.7 million inhabitants in the city.

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