Naqsh-e Jahan Sq of Esahan

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Esfahan (locally called Isfahan) is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran that I located in vicinity of central desert. It’s been always in the center of attentions from tourist’s point of view in order to visit its marvelous Royal SQ and historical monuments.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Esfahan
Impressive royal mosque

It’s been one of the ancient cities of Iran as there are several evidence in west of the city that are originally from Elamite dynasty. But currently people know this city as the city of Safavid dynasty from 16th & 17th. However, in previous centuries such as in Seljuk period, it’s been playing an important role in history of Iran especially in Mongol’s invasion.

This could have been the reason that several monuments from different periods have been built in every single corner of Esfahan. Unfortunately, Esfahan was surrounded by Afghans for a short period of time and this was the reason to change the dynasty and capital to Shiraz during Zand in 18th century. It’s well noted that later in history the importance of Esfahan was remained especially in Qajar period as many rulers were aiming to use Esfahan as one of their capitals for a while.

Sheikh Lotf ullah Mosque of Esfahan, ESFAHAN city tour

Things to do in Esfahan;
Currently Esfahan is one of the major touristy cities of Iran especially those who are willing to visit Iran for first time, will put this city in their bucket list for at least three or four days in order to get a ponder in the main square and interact with its fabulous locals. Apparently the number one activity to do in Esfahan for everyone is visiting Naqsh-e Jahan Square with it’s four monuments of Royal Mosque, Sheikh Lotf-ollah- Mosque, Aali Qapu Palace as well as Qeysariyeh Bazaar.

It’s highly recommended to visit all of these places in the morning in order to have sufficient time for either of those. Square itself is one of the marvelous attractions of Esfahan as several trees and flowers are planted and make a huge impact on locals to come over and have a picnic with family and friends or even tourists to visit or walk randomly.

Apart from this location, other historical spots are Chehel Sotoon Palace, Hasht Behesht palace, Friday Jame Mosque that has been registered as a world heritage site back in 2011. We also can recommend visiting historical bridges over the Zayande river that are quite impressive such as Sio-se, Khaju, Chubi.

Music Museum of Esfahan
Music Museum of Esfahan

Those who are willing to visit historical sites in a modern district may like to visit Jolfa SQ that represent Armenian Culture and history with several churches and cathedrals. In this region, we also recommend visiting Music Museum of Esfahan that represent Iranian Music Culture from centuries ago. You will be exposed to several music instruments and a fabulous show as well.

Accommodation has always been playing an important role in the travel and leisure industry such as being in a local lodge rather than staying in classic chain hotels. However, Esfahan had already lack of decent hotels over the past decades but relatively recently many Iranians invested in this business by renovating and converting local mansions into hotels that are all remarkable such as Shiran, keriyas. Of course, there are still very good classic hotels such as Kowsar, Abbasi, Safir and Aseman but still people prefer to be in a smaller property and enjoy the atmosphere of them.

One of the main topics to bring the travelers to any particular city is its local cuisines and how they are cooked by locals. Esfahan with its reputation of good & health local cuisines is the home of foodie people especially those who are not vegie or vegans have plenty options to do. It’s highly recommended to take Beryani of Esfahan, especially in either of restaurants in the square, Khoresht Mast, Fesenjan Stew as well as Lamb Chops.

Sweets & Pastries:
It’s always interesting to walk randomly in the city and enjoy your trip and you might like to have a little rest by taking hot tea or coffee and something beside. Then why not taking local nougat with tea or coffee or even toffees are quite sweet and tasty. It’s highly recommended to go through the courtyard of Abbasi hotel in Esfahan especially in the early evening and enjoy the atmosphere of garden and have your tea or coffee there.