Dress Code

Iranian girls dress code

One of the frequently asked question about traveling to Iran is the Dress Code and what is acceptable in Iran since tourists would come to Iranian borders till departure. It can be always a concern what to wear and how it suits for societies.

According to Iranian regulation, everybody has to be covered from head down to feet including females and males however, seems to be males are not that hard to pick different types of clothes but when it comes to details for both genders it is important what to wear on.

Here we simply explain what everyone need to have for dress code:

Seems to be a bit more flexibility of wearing as they do not need to cover their hair unless they want to have any particular hat or caps. Men have to wear a shirt or tee-shirt in any color with a trousers and shoes/sandals. Please consider wearing shorts are not allowed in addition to not having particular signs or personal believes on clothes.

Jewelry Museum of Tehran
Different Dress Code when everyone is lining up for Jewelry museum, Gallery, travel

All women have to be covered from head down to their feet. It can be a scarf or long shawl in any color, a proper long sleeves shirts that shouldn’t be thin and covering body down to thighs, long trousers that covers down to feet and can be with shoes or sandals.
Please take a look to picture of this article that how women are dressed up in any shapes with different clothes, please also consider all clothes should not have any personal believes or signs that against regime or government.

Iranian Dress Code
Iranian women, wearing jeans, and other Dress Codes