Asef Mansion

Asef Mansion of Sananaj

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There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful mansions of Sanandaj is Asef mansion that is locally called Kurd House. It’s quite interesting to be exposed to unique buildings and items while you are walking randomly in city center and one of them can be Asef Mansion.

This mansions dates back to Qajar Period (19th century) and has been built by Mr. Great Asef. It represents the history and character of Iranian Kurds and apparently this is the reason locals of the city are satisfied with presenting this heritage. Originally, this mansion has been built in 17th century especially northern face of it including northern hall, rooms and corridors. It was completed over the time until 19th century, mostly in eastern and western faces.

In late Qajar period, the owner and his followers were of the opinion that it was necessary to build a lobby by the entrance. It’s locally called Hashti that is a place where people could enter and wait for a short period of time to get permitted by the host. In early 1990s, this mansion turned to be an anthropology museum of Sanandaj that represents the culture and lifestyle of Kurds.

All this complex consists, lobby, private rooms, public rooms, servant rooms, kitchen, water room, etc. The private face of this mansion has been built in Pahlavi Era in 20th century and represents local architecture. They were willing to use local material such as stucco, wooden pillars, paintings, etc.  As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this location in the morning despite bazaar and other museums.