Selin Village

Selin village of Kurdistan

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One of the most beautiful spots of Iran is Selin Village that is located in Kurdistan province. It’s very well known for its typical architecture that looks like the same villages in this path toward Paveh but in general the shape of village looks like an arch and all houses have used the same method to decorate the village.

People are of the opinion that this type of architecture has come out from faSirvan river which flows just under the village toward Paveh. Having several pomegranate trees & Walnuts brings everyone’s attention that most of locals work on farms, gardens that are all across the village which is connected by a long bridge. There are several storied about the history of this village and many people would say, its name comes from holy Quran, however, archaeologists have been found several objects from their excavations and studies in nearest spots that confirms this village dates back to ancient days of Iran.

It is well noted that the general language of locals in this province is Kurdish and either of cities and villages have their own dialect. In this village people speak in Hurami Dialect, however, it’s understandable for other Kurds.

We would highly recommend to visit this village from late March that all flowers and trees are blooming and makes everyone very fascinating. It would last till early Nov that very rainy autumn comes up and makes visiting this region with a little bit of difficulties.