Kandovan Village

Kandovan Village of Azerbaijan

Kandovan village is one of the marvelous tourism spots of Iran that is located in vicinity of Tabriz in about 45 km in southwestern flank of Mt. Sahand. This volcanic village has been used by locals to live from 14th century when the country was invaded by Mongols.

There are some certain documents that profs Kandovan village has been existed Previously but the earliest record of living in this village dates back to Ilkhanid period. People of this village were struggling to carve inside of these rocks and made their own houses in different shapes.

This is become very popular for travelers to visit and walk randomly among these rocks, however, some of local historians are of the opinion that the shape of these rocks is similar to beehives. This could have been through as one of the main jobs in this village is producing honey.

Currently, there are about 2000 inhabitants living in this village, even citizens of Tabriz has bought some property in order to have a summer spot to live as it is located in the heart of Mt. Sahand.

Another point we can make is, about different types of activities to do. For example those nature lover and adventurous travelers will have a chance to take a trekking tours along the local river. Or even locals would offer any travelers to come and make some local pottery.

Having local meals are very important for everyone particularly those who are exploring a unique destination. In this village we can offer everyone to have their own meal in the heart of village by the river.

Staying overnight in such a fabulous spot could be something unique and many travelers prefer to stay at least one night in these tiny caves. Currently there is only one hotel in this village that is very well equipped, however, some prefer to stay with locals.