Things to do in Tabriz

things to do in tabriz, Eil Goli Lake of Tabriz

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Here we are eager to introduce Things to do in Tabriz that anyone can travel with ease to this amazing destination. Tabriz, is one of the most populated cities of Iran that is located in north western part of the country which is in vicinity of Azerbaijan country. Relatively recently it has become one of the most attractive cities for travelers in terms of having very ancient buildings and being close to some Iran’s world heritage sites, Marvelous landscapes and amazing foods.

Tabriz is also known for its ski resorts that are located at the foot of Mt. Sahand which is one the highest peaks of Iran. These resorts host several tourists every year from all over the world even in winter time.  For most of local and Iranians Tabriz is a summer destination because of having pleasant weather and having access to other cities and villages that are in the same region such as Jolfa, Maku and Kandovan. 

The language in this region is Azerbaijani though, Persian is spoken by residents as the 2nd language which makes this very interesting to communicate with them. In our point of view communicating with locals is one of the major things to do experience the culture and traditions. 

As everyone aware Persian carpet has been always in the center of attentions for ordinary people and monarchs and Tabriz city carpet is one of most well known rugs among all types of city carpet which is mostly because of its unique pattern? 

What we suggest people is having at least few days to visit city and surrounding to include visiting historical places and even modern district of city.