Iran’s World Heritage Tour


Let’s Enjoy visiting Iran’s world Heritage sites that are located in every single corner of the country. This trip enables those who are willing to explore the culture among the history of Persia to walk randomly among the ruins of the buildings and monuments from different periods.


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Welcome to Iran, the land civilizations. Iran’s world heritage tour is one of our most preferred tours among our previous travelers over the years as it enables everyone visiting historical sites as well as world heritage sites in every single corner. Let’s get acquainted with this journey and see how a three weeks holiday in Iran looks like:

Before you go on Iran’s world heritage tour:

  • how you can visa: we can assist you by apply for authorization code as our invitation letter which comes up in a 7 working days.
  • How to pay the bill: we would kindly ask our travelers to bring us cash as well as for their own expenses due to financial sanctions on Iranian banks.
  • when the best time to visit is; we will suggest to visit this trip in Nov and Dec as the ideal visiting time however, it can run around the year.

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Travel Itinerary:

Day 1: Tehran
Landing at IKIA, Transferring to hotel for refreshing rest. City tour will get underway by visiting Golestan palace as a world Heritage site which dates back to 17th century, National museum, Jewelry Museum. Enjoy visiting the busiest bazaar of Iran. Late evening flight to Shiraz.

Day 2: Zahedan
In the morning fly to Zahedan, Having a day trip to Shahr-e Soukhte that is the oldest ancient city of Iran which dates back to 7000 years ago. 

Day 3: Mahan
In morning visit Kouh Khaje that is one of the most popular sites of Iran from Sassanid. Afternoon drive to Mahan.

Day 4: Bam
In the morning visit Mahan and its marvelous Prince Garden which is also known as the largest Persian garden. In the afternoon take an excursion to Bam, that is one of Iran’s world heritage sites which dates back to over than 2000 years ago

Day 5: Kerman
Take a day trip toward Kaluts that is known as the hottest spot on earth. Having an expedition among rocks and sand dunes would be preferable to feel the heat in this region.

Day 6: Meymand
Today’s plan is drive to Meymand that is a troglodyte village of Iran which dates back to 7000 years ago and is one of the most popular places to visit Iran. It could be a unique experience to stay in such a cave houses. Visiting village and its surrounding is our aim to get a wonder.

Day 7: Shiraz
Drive to Shiraz, the city of poetry and gardening. En route visit Pasargadae where is one of heritage list of Iran that refers to Persian Empire where Cyrus the great had founded his empire and also as his burial place.

Day 8: Shiraz
Drive to Shiraz, the city of poetry and gardening. En route visit Pasargadae where is one of heritage list of Iran that refers to Persian Empire where Cyrus the great had founded his empire and also as his burial place.

Day 9: Shiraz
Having Shiraz garden tour not only help you to enjoy more of the city but it would also give you opportunity how people are charming and calm. Visit Naranjestan garden, Eram garden, Afif Afif Abad garden and Delgosha garden.

Day 10: Shiraz
In the morning visit Nasir al molk mosque which is known as pink house, Karim khan fortress, vakil bazaar. Enjoy free afternoon to explore the beautiful city of Iran by your own.

Day 11: Persepolis
Have a day trip to Persepolis where it was the former capital of Persian empire which dates back to 517 BC. Enjoy walking through ruins of Persepolis and being exposed to bas reliefs of palaces.

Day 12: Yazd
Enjoy visiting mud brick city of Yazd that is listed relatively recently as a world heritage site. Walking in old district might be interesting.

Day 13: Yazd
one of the most visited cities of Iran is Yazd that is resided Iranian Zoroastrians. Visit Towers of Silence as the cemetery of Zoroastrians, Fire temple, Water museum and Friday mosque.

Day 14: Esfahan
Drive in few hours toward one of the most beautiful cities of Iran. Enjoy visiting Naqsh-e Jahan square as a world heritage including Aali Qapu palace, Sheikh Lotf allah mosque and Royal mosque

Day 15: Esfahan
visit Armenian quarter including Music museum and Vank Cathedral. Free afternoon to get a wonder.

Day 16: Kashan
A short drive toward Kashan, the pearl of desert. Visiting Fin garden which is a piece of ancient Persian garden would be our purpose of visiting this city in addition to old mansions of Tabatabaee & Boroujerdi.

Day 17: Hamedan
Drive toward Hamedan, where it dates back to 2800 years ago and is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran. The purpose of visiting such a being informed about one of the main Iranian doctors and scientist who was Avicenna in addition to other poets and places. However there is no world heritage site and we would avoid long drives.

Day 18: Kermanshah
A beautiful drive toward a Kurdish zone of Iran that has the most hospitable people of the earth. Enjoy visiting Bistoun as the world heritage site which a complex of arts and reliefs from all ancient dynasties of Iran but what plays an important role in history of this area is relief of Darius I who unified again all great Persia. In the city you would visit Tekiyeh Moaven al molk as the ceremonial place which is very well known for its tile working.

Day 19: Kermanshah
Having a day trip to Qasr-e- Shirin that is one of the ancient cities on Silk Route which dates back to 220 AD. Visit Palaces of King Khosrow and Anooshiravan. In the afternoon visit Taq-e Bostan

Day 20: Tekab
There is no doubt that one of the most impressive sites of Iran is Takht-e Soleyman as a world heritage site which dates back to 220 AD and has been built on a volcano. It has been a fire temple to pay respect to their prophet and there were as many palaces for ceremonies as it used to be.

Day 21: Zanjan
a nice long drive through valleys and passes of Sahand mountain that is 2nd highest mountain in western Iran. Visit Soltanieh dome as the world heritage site which dates back to 14th century as the 3rd largest mud-brick dome of the world.

Day 22: Tabriz
A nice drive toward Tabriz that has been the capital of Iran in 14th century. It represents the Azari culture and architecture. Visit Old bazaar that has been the longest bazaar.

Day 23: Tabriz
A nice long day trip to monasteries of Saint Stephanous and Qara Kelisa

Day 24: Ardabil
morning city tour of Tabriz including Azerbaijan museum, Blue mosque and Eil Goli palace. Afternoon drive to Ardabil.

Day 25: Anzali
morning city tour of Ardabil including Skhekh Safi mausoleum which is the last stop for visiting World Heritage sites. Afternoon drive to Anzali where people would be celebrating the amazing trip around Iran.

Day 26: Tehran
Free morning in Anzali. Afternoon drive toward to Tehran. Free evening in Tehran.

Day 27: Departure
Travelers would leave the country with sweet memories.

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