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Welcome to our Things to do page.
As a travel agency, we are willing to well introduce potentials of our country and every city that we cover in our tours in order to bring more customers.

By posting every day in “things to do” category, we are presenting any city of Iran from different perspectives. This is what matters to foreign tourists to rely on us for suggesting to them different activities than other competitors.

Another reason to follow our posts is, wide-range of contents that we provide per day in different sub-categories such as historical sites, extraordinary landscapes, foods, pastries, handicrafts, hotels, etc.

Our motto is quite simple, we run truly tours to places where other agents won’t venture to. This is the reason; our experts go monthly to different destination and do the research in order to suggest different activities in our itineraries. For example, some of them are interested in suggesting trekking routes, some are experts in making a new cultural tour and some are experts for hiking.

We are very delighted informing everyone that all our tours are 100% tailor-made based on our client’s interests. Trips can be planned from months in advance or even during the trip (not specifically in high seasons).

Avicenna Tomb of Hamedan


Hossein Ibne Abdullah, also known as Avicenna was born in 990 AD in Bukhara in a religious family. His father, Abidulah was a vice president of Mansour-e Samani and was also a Litterateur

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